Leonard Mihkailovich Zolotukhin. Professor.

Leonard Zolotukhin graduated from Feodosiya Painters Guild in 1947 and from MGHPU in 1964. The same year he was invited as a teacher at the Artistic Furniture Design Department, where he is currently teaching the course “Furniture Design”. During his work as a teacher L. Zolotukhin has trained more than 100 professionals in the furniture design and interiors field. His students’ works, performed under his leadership, have always been noted for having a conceptual approach, sharpness and an eccentricity of design decisions, with professional literacy. L. Zolotukhin’s students have won prizes at international trade fairs and art festivals.

L. Zolotukhin takes an active part in the work of the department as well as the university, including the organization of exhibitions both within the Academy and beyond its walls: Crocus-Expo, Sokolniki, Krasnaya Presnya Exhibition Centre; MGHPU commemorative exhibition in 2010at the Museum of Contemporary History of Russia; MGHPU commemorative exhibition at The Central House of Artists on Krimskii Val Street.

Design credo:

A true good design object is only achieved with a balanced combination of features, design and aesthetic beauty.