Yuri Vasilievich Sluchevsky. Professor.

D.O.B. 02.09.1928

Graduated from MVHPU (former MGHPU) in 1953. Graduated from postgraduate school in 1956 and has been leading the main profiling course “Furniture Design” from 1957 till the present day. During this period, Y. Sluchevsky prepared more than 200 graduates: arts and crafts artists, designers in the field of furniture design. Among them are professors, associate professors, Honored Artists, winners of domestic and international competitions. Y. Sluchevsky designed a large number of furniture sets for residential apartments that were mass produced by Moscow enterprises. A number of projects for public buildings were realised, for example, chairs for the judges of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation. Many designs by Y. Sluchevsky were awarded with gold and silver medals of the USSR Economic Achievements Exhibition, with diplomas and prizes at the national competitions and international exhibitions. Y. Sluchevsky was awarded with a badge marked “For merits in standardization”; he wrote a series of articles on furniture which were published in various professional journals and anthologies. Y. Sluchevsky was awarded with the honorary title “Honored Artist of Russia” for his personal contribution to the development of arts and crafts.