Oleg Konstantinovich Rizhikov. Professor.

D.O.B.  10.20.1938

Graduated with honors from MGHPU in 1962 and the same year began working at the Department as a teacher. O. Rizhikov conducts Furniture Design – the core curriculum course. About 200 specialists were trained under the leadership of O.Rizhikov, many of whom are now leaders in furniture design. He takes a big part in the development and coordination of training programs of design, engineering and technology courses. O. Rizhikov works constantly and productively in the field of furniture design, primarily office furniture. As the author of projects he is a participant of international exhibitions in Germany and Russia. He has received many diplomas, Grand Prix, and is the winner of the Russian Cabriole National Award 2006.

Students’ works, supervised by O. Ryzhykov, are always distinguished with a professional literacy and detailed design studies. O. Ryzhykov’s students have repeatedly won prizes at international trade fairs and art festivals.