Kirill Nikolaevich Cheburashkin. Head of Department.

D.O.B. 10.03.1977

Kirill Cheburashkin graduated from MGHPU in 2000, and in 2001 began teaching at the MGHPU Department of Artistic Furniture Design. K. Cheburashkin is the head of the Department of Furniture Design since 2009. During his years of work at MGHPU, K. Cheburashkin organized several students’ works exhibitions at the Russian and international exhibitions. His students and graduates regularly win prizes and participate in international competitions.

K. Cheburashkin is a winner of the “Grand Prix” at the “Fid-expo-2001″ international exhibition. He is the author of numerous realised projects in furniture, interiors and exhibition equipment fields in Russia, Switzerland, Holland and England.

Design credo:

Aesthetics, functionality and manufacturability are in an optimal relationship in a genuine design masterpiece.

He considers the popular belief that everything has been invented before us inconsistent. Just as much has already been invented as what has not yet been invented, the main thing is to try, to not be afraid to make a mistake, to develop independent thinking and to try not to fall under the influence of authority. He is sure that a real designer must have a sense of humour.